Mia Huang, associate professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research.

Mia Huang, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine, has been awarded the 2023 Research Fellowship in Chemistry from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Fellows are selected on the basis of their independent research accomplishments, creativity and potential to become leaders in the scientific community through their contributions to their field.

Huang is recognized for her innovative research in the field of glycoscience. Chains of sugars— known as glycans—are involved in several different biological processes, from the creation of new tissue to recruiting our immune system to help neutralize infections. Huang investigates these glycans as receptors for growth signals, particularly in the development of tumors or in the generation of stem cells. Integrating techniques in synthetic chemistry and protein engineering, Huang’s lab seeks to understand how glycan molecules can help create better defined populations of stem cells for use in regenerative medicine, as well as the role they play in cancer metastasis.

The highly competitive fellowships recognize researchers for their distinguished performance and unique potential to make a significant impact in their discipline. The grants provide $75,000 over two years to support the research initiatives of early-career, independent scientists. Huang joins an elite list of nine other Scripps Research faculty members who have been awarded Sloan Research Fellowships since their inception in 1955.

Huang is the recipient of prestigious awards such as the 2023 David Y. Gin Young Investigator Award from the American Chemical Society, as well as the Pathway to Independence Award from the NIH. She received her PhD in chemistry from New York University and a BS in chemistry from Queens College, City University of New York.