Michael Bollong
Credit: Scripps Research

Michael Bollong, PhD, associate professor of chemistry and the Early Career Endowed Roon Chair for Cardiovascular Research at Scripps Research, has received the David W. Robertson Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry. The award, given by the American Chemical Society’s Division of Medicinal Chemistry, recognizes Bollong’s seminal contributions to the field—notably his cutting-edge drug discovery efforts.

The award is supported by Pfizer, Inc. and is in memory of David W. Robertson, a widely respected, highly successful and creative medicinal chemist. It is given in even-numbered years to scientists under the age of 40 who have had a primary role in the discovery of novel therapeutic agents, targets or concepts in medicinal chemistry or drug discovery, and/or made a significant scientific discovery that enhances the field. As an award recipient, Bollong will receive an honorarium of $6,000, a plaque and covered travel expenses.

At Scripps Research, Bollong is focused on identifying new therapeutics that can target the body’s regeneration and cell stress signaling pathways. He and his team accomplish this by utilizing traditional drug discovery tools—high-throughput small molecule screens—coupled with modern target identification techniques to intervene in the biological processes that cause human disease. Specifically, his group is interested in uncovering new molecules and mechanisms to promote regenerative organ repair, and to activate protective transcriptional stress responses.

Bollong has received numerous additional awards and honors for his research, including the 2023 Amgen Young Investigator Award, the American Chemical Society Philip S. Portoghese Lectureship Award and the Baxter Foundation Young Faculty Award.