The Scripps Research Fellows Program is known for identifying the scientific superstars of tomorrow and equipping them for success early in their careers.

Shannon Miller, PhD

The newest member of this elite program is genetic engineering specialist Shannon Miller, PhD. A 2022 graduate of Harvard University, Miller develops new methods for delivering gene-editing biomolecules to cells. These biomolecules then change the existing DNA in a cell, typically to correct a DNA error that has led to disease. By improving the efficiency of such delivery and reducing potential off-target effects, Miller and her laboratory team hope to accelerate the development of gene therapies to address conditions ranging from hereditary blindness to blood disorders.

Miller says she’s excited for this next step in her career. “After finishing my PhD, I felt ready for greater independence. I think Scripps Research is going in an exciting direction and the supportive environment here for early-career faculty really helps kickstart careers.”